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Hi! I'm Melanie, The Tired Mom of three young children - Owen, age 6, and twins, Anna and Elizabeth, who are 2 years old.
I hope to help other worn out parents provide balanced, fun environments so that their child's creativity can thrive.  I want to help you turn off your TV and get your little one(s) busy having fun and learning while you get through your 'to-do' list faster.  It's the best thing I've done for my family (apart from having them).  
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Tree Photo Journal
This fun activity helps children learn about the changing seasons.  Grab your camera and chose a tree to photograph. Get your children to come with you and help pick the tree (and take the picures if you trust them with your camera).  Make note of exactly where you are standing when you take the photo, so that you can take the same shot each time you come back.  Photograph the tree before it leafs out, and then every week or two until it has full leaves. Make a reminder for yourself to come back every week in the autumn as well to photograph it as the leaves change colour and drop off. Take one winter picture to finish off the set. 
Help your children make a small journal, including their own drawings, approximate dates, leaves from the tree and the photos.